Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Friday Update!

Your kids are so AWESOME!

I have never had a class of first graders love to write like these guys do!!

Monday - National Theater Preformance 1pm
Friday - Mrs. Barr absent (be on your best behavior!)

Today alone, they wrote a non-fiction piece on pigs and a fictional story about pigs. They are so funny! I am saving their writing samples to go over with you at our conference in October. In writing next week we will be working on focusing our writing on a small moment and adding details. We are still working on putting capital letters at the start of sentences and periods in the correct place. All these important concepts are on the writing rubic we use to score for report cards!

In math we will finish up combining stories and move on to some geometry. We will begin by looking at shapes. We will work with circle, square, triangle, hexagon, rhombus and rectangle. Students really like working with the pattern blocks. You can help by having your child look for shapes around your home!

During reading we will be working on thinking while we are reading. We will use some short question stems to help us notice things as we read. Students will practice seeing, thinking, wondering and feeling things as they read their stories. We will practice together using some great literature. I am reading Owl Moon, Roller Coaster, A Chair for my Mother, and The Kissing Hand aloud to the class, for those of you who are looking for something good to get from the library!

Letter Land is rolling on with short e words this week. Everyone passed the spelling test and did a great job, although the word "went" is still giving us some trouble! It is a tricky word!! Nightly letter land homework is listed at the bottom of the spelling list each week. Students should be getting in the habit of completing this homework on their own. If they cannot do it mostly on their own please let me know, they should be able to handle it and have you check it afterwards.

We are excited to begin Science this week with a unit on Earth Materials, over the next 3 weeks we will learn about rocks, soil, minerals and water. The students are excited to get to do some hands on science!! I am too!

If you have questions or concerns please let me know! Email has been working out great for most people, but you can always write a short note in the agenda. Thanks so much for all you do with our students!!

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