Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Today we launched our unit on Earth Materials 

and the kids had a blast!

  I didn't tell them what earth materials were, so they set out in pairs to collect things they thought were earth materials around the playground.
We then came back and sorted everything they found. They worked with their partner to classify their finds and label them. Everyone did a great job!
 Don't be surprised if you find them picking up rocks around the yard over the next few weeks. Better start checking pockets before you do the laundry!
We will spend about 3-4 weeks working on this science unit. Students will investigate water, rocks, minerals and soil. We will discuss physical attributes of each and how they can be useful.
 We will also take a look at different soils and what types of plants grow best in each. Thanks to parents who volunteered to send in flowers for us to plant next week. 
 If I didn't ask you to help out with plants this time, don't worry! Much more science and opportunities to volunteer later in the year! I am so lucky to have so much support!!

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