Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Saturday - Pancake Breakfast

Monday - NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day

Tuesday - Field Trip to West High to see the play The Little Mermaid

Thursday - Thanksgiving lunch in the cafeteria - If you would like to come eat with us please let me know in your child's agenda that morning and meet us at the cafeteria at 11:30.

This week is another short week, November is flying by! I can smell the turkey cooking already! Students will have a home project to work on next week. I am sending it today with them in their BEE books incase you would like to start over the weekend. The project is described in the letter and they also need to write a story to go along with it. These are due on Monday the 19th. This project is always a lot of fun!!

For Letter Land homework please do Monday and Tuesday's homework on Tuesday next week since Monday is a holiday. Students are working onconsonant blends. Remember to hold them accountable for words we have learned so far this year. If it has been a spelling or tricky word, and they use it while writing sentences they should be able to spell it correctly.

Our comprehension lessons are focused on visualizing this week. Visualizing, or imagining what is happening in the story is a great skill for understanding what you read. We want to be sure students are thinking about what is happening in a story and not just reading the words. This also ties in with our How-To writing lessons. Students have to visualize the steps of their stories while writing How-To books. This is a skill you can practice at night while reading with your child.

Math investigations is still focused on combination problems this week. We will also be looking at addition story problems again before moving on to subtraction in the coming weeks. All this time spent on addition stories will pay off as it gives students a foundation for understanding subtraction later. You can practice while shopping at the store or even watching TV. You can count how many commercials and add them up!! Anything can be math!

For writing we are continuing with our How-To stories. Your children are experts on everything! lol They have been teaching us how to make banana pudding, ride a bike and even fix the sink! They love writing about what they know how to do! This week we will edit our spelling and add special non-fiction helpers to our stories. You can find How-To writing on all kinds of things, directions, recipies, ect.

In social studies we are continuing our unit on how things change over time. We have talked about neighborhoods and how our neighborhoods look different from urban ones. We are planning our pioneer days for the last week of November. If you would like to help on that day by coming in to volunteer, or by sending in materials please let me know! We will be making candles (probably) and it should be fun!

Thank you for all of your help and support!!

Mrs. Barr

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