Friday, October 19, 2012

Important Dates:

Parent conferences begin Tuesday

Thursday FALL FESTIVAL! Come try to dunk Mrs. Barr at the dunking booth!

Friday is the end of 1st quarter. Can you believe it?!

Volunteer Needs:

Items for Halloween Special Snack

Marshmallows for pretend campfire

Brown or white modeling clay from Micheals

Phonics - words are getting harder! Be sure your child is doing their letter land homework each night! I had a few rough spelling tests today:(

Reading - We will be reading a "Reader's Theater" adaptation of The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything. Students will have a part to read, just like a play. We will not preform, just read aloud as a class. Students really get into this fun fall story. It incorporates sound and movement and is a ton of fun!

Math - This week we will be doing some math assessment, so attendance is important. Please come to school unless you are sick. If you ARE sick, please stay home! There have been a few viruses going around and we don't want those!

Writing - My second favorite writing assignment of the year is going on this week! (my favorite will be in November) Students will work on writing "spooky" stories to share around our "campfire" next week. (needless to say, they won't be that spooky and I don't have a real campfire, but we have good imaginations in frist grade!) These stories always come out great and really motivate students to write! It also gives them a sense of audience. Up until now we have only been writing about things that have happened to us. This is a great chance to get the creative juices flowing!

Science - Our last week of the Earth Materials unit, so sad. We will discuss how we use earth materials in our everyday life. Students will hopefully get to make some sort of pottery near the end of the week.

Second quarter means the pace picks up and good behavior and safe choices are extra important. When students misbehave it makes it hard to learn all the material and it also makes it harder for other students. The expectations are being raised as well. We will begin to tackle some big concepts such as subtraction and non-fiction writing. Please make sure you talk with your child about the importance of school and your expectations for them.

I hope everyone can come out for FALL FESTIVAL! Last year it was a great experience for everyone and so much fun! All the money from ticket sales goes directly to classroom supplies. In the past the Henderson County budget has provided things like construction paper, writing paper, math manipulatives and teacher resources. In the current ecconomy we don't recieve this funding. We rely on events like Fall Festival to raise this money. Last year we raised over $4,000 and were able to purchase the Letter Land program which helps our students so much with phonics.

Don't miss the chance to put a pie in Mr. Murphy's face!! What could be better?!

Thank you!

Mrs. Barr

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